Pabst Mansion

Pabst Mansion, Inc.

Pabst Mansion, Inc. is a non-profit organization that preserves, shares, and interprets an iconic Milwaukee home that serves as a testament to the Gilded Age. Through immersive tours, educational opportunities, and programming, Pabst Mansion, Inc. brings visitors back in time to help understand the present, and shares the story of brewing, architecture, art, and culture through the lens of the Pabst family and its impact on Milwaukee.

Preserving the 1892 legacy of the historic Pabst Mansion is no small task and requires diligent planning and careful execution. For well over a century, the Pabst Mansion has remained a constant in Milwaukee. The work of Pabst Mansion, Inc. focuses on returning the mansion to its original glory, as designed and executed by Captain Frederick and Maria Pabst themselves. Doing so has required - and will continue to require - a highly skilled team of planners, architects and craftspeople with expertise in preserving and restoring the historic integrity of notable structures like the Pabst Mansion.