Pabst Mansion


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Pabst Red Circle Logo

On March 12, 1889 at 5 pm, a board meeting was called to order for the Phillip Best Brewing Company.  At that meeting, in light of Captain Pabst’s role in the astounding success of the company, a motion was approved to formally change the name to the Pabst Brewing Company. Aiding in the apparently seamless transition, the distinctive red circle emblem of the Phillip Best Brewing Company was retained. ⠀

Pabst Grand Circle

The Pabst Brewing Company’s first real estate move in New York City was to lease a portion of Longacre Square and build the Pabst Hotel.  Designed by Otto Strack with the address at Broadway and 42nd Street, the entire structure was clad in white block and featured an elaborate two-story portico that housed the hotel’s dining room. Although the hotel opened to rave reviews in 1899, its success was short lived due to arguments over the portico that covered the sidewalk and the installation of a new subway line under the hotel. The building was sadly demolished only a few years later in 1902 and The New York Times Company secured the rest of Longacre Square, building its headquarters on the site. Today this area is known as Times Square.

To replace the Pabst Hotel in Manhattan, the company built Pabst Grand Circle, a restaurant-hotel-theater complex at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park. Again designed by Otto Strack, this building offered a grander version of the the lost hotel, but with an unobstructed view of Central Park to boot.  The Pabst Mansion’s Grand Circle membership level is a nod to this piece of Pabst history.