Dairy Cow Ornament

Dairy Cow Ornament
This mouth blown, hand-painted glass ornaments is a reminder of a memorable Pabst event. Christmas Eve of 1903, Captain Pabst, the man who had everything, received a brown Jersey cow.  The entire family gathered in the music room for the festivities. Gusatve and Fred Jr. desperately wanted to give their father something he had always wanted but had never purchased for himself. There must have been a great deal of commotion on the front terrace of the Mansion that night as his gift was loaded into a crate. The mystery present was then wheeled into the music room. Soon all was revealed, perhaps betrayed by a moo, as within the create was a brown Jersey cow!                                          

Dairy cow comes in brown or black.
Glass ornament crafted by Old World Christmas.
2 1/2" tall.
Total $9.95