Educational Tours



Get L.O.S.T. at the Pabst Mansion. Learning On Site Tours for your students are now available! Three permanent offerings based on grade and subject matter have been created:


“Captain Pabst’s House” is for youth in 2nd-4th grades.  Introducing students to Captain Pabst, his family, and the Mansion, this tour engages students by encouraging them to compare their family and house to the Pabsts’.  Discussions on the similarities and differences in 19th century America highlight this tour!


“The Comforts of Home: The Pabst Mansion and Gilded Age Inventions” is for students in 5th and 6th grade.  Building on classroom learning at this level regarding the new marvels and inventions of the 19th century, “The Comforts of Home” tour will illustrate the uses of things such as electricity, indoor plumbing, forced air heating systems, telephones, and much more in private residences such as the Pabst Mansion.


Targeting an older audience, students in grades 8th-12th, is “Separate By Design: The Pabst  Mansion’s Layout and Class Distinction”.  Introducing young adults to the concept of class distinction during the Victorian Era, emphasizing the relationship between household servant and employer.


Learning On Site Tours last approximately one hour. Minimum of 15 students, K - 12 grade school and educational institutions. Two weeks notice and $25 deposit required.  Rates are $3 per student, $3 per adult, and teachers are admitted free.  For more information or to schedule your L.O.S.T. program, contact Gary Strothmann at (414) 931-0808 x111.



The Pabst Mansion invites your Girl or Cub Scouts to fulfill merit badge requirements in one of our many scouting programs! We provide an exciting and educational atmosphere for your group to learn about the past. Snacks and all necessary materials provided. All you have to do is be prepared to have fun!


Girl Scout Brownies and Girl Scout Juniors
Girl Fancy

Proper young ladies needed to become a “Girl Fancy”!  Learn the major differences between life today and in the 1890s. Program fulfills step(s) for the Brownie Making Games Badge and the Junior Playing the Past Badge.


Girl Scout Juniors

Extra, Extra

Extra, Extra! Looking for newspaper reporters to tell the tale of the Pabst Family and their Mansion in the 1890s. Program fulfills one of the steps for the Junior Scribe Badge.


Cub Scouts Wolf and Bear

Assembling History

What do you collect?  Come take a tour to see what historic house museums collect in order to tell the story of a different time.  Learn what boys from the Victorian Era would have collected and start a collection of your own!  Program fulfills the requirements for the Wolf and Bear Collecting Belt Loop.


Cub Scouts Tiger

A Family Affair

What was Milwaukee family life like in the 1890s?  Learn what you would eat, what games you would play, and how your house would be different had you lived then.  Program fulfills the Go See It requirement of the Tiger Making My Family Special Achievement.



Program Hours



 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 


 Noon-4 p.m.



Program Rates    

 $7 per scout


Programs are approximately 120 minutes in length and are available for groups of 5-20 scouts.  Fee includes snack and supplies. Reservations require a two week notice. A $25 deposit is required for all groups. Contact Jodi Rich-Bartz  at (414) 931-0808 x105 to arrange your scout program!