Decorative Arts


Three rooms of original custom built furniture comprised the first donation of original material to the Pabst Mansion by founder Florence Schroeder.  Many donors over the years have filled the Pabst Mansion with treasures, adding to the 19th century atmosphere of the house.  Names that would have been familiar to Captain Pabst such as Ott, Uihlein and Usinger have contributed decorative and fine art to the Pabst Mansion.  Members of the Pabst family as well have been especially generous with loaning or donating original materials to the organization that serves to preserve their ancestral home.  On a particularly exciting day, August U. Pabst, Jr. conveyed to the Pabst Mansion an astonishing number of objects that had once belonged to Captain and Mrs. Pabst.  Paintings, ceramics, books from their library, glassware and furniture were all included in his gift to the Mansion, as well as a large trunk full of the Captain’s important papers and letters. Through research, contacts, patience, and a bit of luck more original objects find their way back to the Pabst Mansion every year. Each time it happens is just as exciting as the last.




Objects in collections


Pieces of silver, crystal, and china dinnerware


Cyril Colnik masterpieces




Grand Avenue mansion’s represented - Pabst, Schandein, Johnston, Brumder, Riley, Frank


Dining room table  -  can seat 4 to 24 people at one time


Silver napkin ring belonging to Helmuth Heyl (Mrs. Pabst great-nephew)


Set of four teacups and saucers from Spode (England) c1825


Pabst family hair pillow by Ida Uihlein Pabst


entry hall chandelier – 6’ wide, 4’ tall; 12 lights; 3 pairs of elk antlers; over 200 wrought iron elements