The suite of rooms that Captain and Mrs. Pabst assigned to their little granddaughter, Elsbeth, were some of the most enchanting and elaborate spaces within the Pabst Mansion.  We are greatly looking forward to being able to tell the story of Elsbeth Pabst, the only child to have grown up in the Pabst Mansion, more fully through the restored spaces that were most familiar to her.  The Pabst family lavished great attention to detail on her rooms, making them fit for their first grandchild.  Using period photographs taken in 1897, our expert team of craftsmen and artisans will: 


     •  Repair original woodwork and recreate lost paneling

     •  Reproduce silk wall coverings based on the original pattern

     •  Restore the bathroom and dressing rooms by recreating stencil boarders on the 
        walls and replacing lost or damaged tiles

     •  Furnish the room with appropriate materials including light fixtures, artwork and rugs



Elsbeth Pabst's Bedroom Suite Restoration Budget


Woodwork Restoration & Recreation


Replication & Installation of Silk Wall Coverings


Historic Color Analysis & Decorative Paintwork


Drapery, Rugs, Furniture & Decorative Arts


Bathroom & Dressing Room Restoration


Replicated Historic Light Fixtures


Restoration Endowment





We hope you will join us as we embark on the restoration of one of the most magnificent suite of rooms in the Pabst Mansion!  Please consider a generous gift to Elsbeth Pabst's Bedroom Suite Restoration Campaign as we continue our work to make the Pabst Mansion one of America’s finest house museums.


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